Glass made for the sun
Industrial solar glass production in Europe

Antimony-Free Solar Float Glass Production

AGC offers extra clear float glass products for a broad range of solar applications.
Your single source: High-efficient float glass production, glass coating, glass processing as well as high-capacity production of flat solar mirrors. Everything is highly automated, precise and efficient. Ability to scale up to meet your project-driven demand.

Growing markets need sustainable industrial production and a reliable value chain.
AGC Glass Europe float glass technology is:

■ Widely scalable   ■ Highly reliable   ■ Sustainable

Ready to meet the growing demand for solar energy power capacity!


Ultra-Low-Iron Solar Float Glass
AZB 5071e 1

Solar-Thermal Power Plants

Leading manufacturer of flat solar mirrors with proven expertise



Experts in the production of ultra-low iron solar float glass with a durable anti-reflective coating


Solar-Thermal Energy

Double-sided anti-reflective coating for yield-stable large high-performance collectors


Greenhouse Construction

Advanced glass solutions for the next generation of greenhouses under all climate conditions

SunMax Helios

SunMax Horizon

SunMax Meridian

SunMax Premium

SunMax Premium HT

SunMax Premium Reflect

SunMax Premium T

SunMax Zenith

Products & Solutions

Arsenic- and antimony-free extra clear float glass for solar applications.
SunMax Premium is exclusively produced in a float glass process. The industrial float glass process adheres to very strict production tolerances and guarantees the lowest possible defect density.

Projects & References

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